Genuine Canon Ink Technology Guide

1.Richer color on plain paper with latest FINE Cartridge


Canon has improved the 'FINE Cartridge', or integrated print head designed by utilizing FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) technology, for higher print quality.

Dye-color ink of latest FINE Cartridge has wider color reproduction with richer colors than the previous generation FINE Cartridge, especially in Red area, i.e. around Yellow, Red and Magenta, to deliver more brilliant output not only on photo paper but also on plain paper.
In addition, latest pigment-black FINE Cartridges help the printer to print on plain paper at a faster speed while maintaining the crisp and sharp black text printing.


FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering)

'FINE' is Canon's high-density print head engineering technology underpinned by the combination of high-precision nozzle manufacturing technology supported by the latest semiconductor manufacturing technology, and ink ejection technology for even and accurate placing of microscopic ink droplets.



2.Ever-evolving genuine Canon ink – for wider color reproduction range

Pursuing wider color reproduction range, Canon has been further developing its original ink.
By using together with genuine Canon print media, genuine Canon ink fully brings out its performance in color reproduction.



3. Dye black inks for neutral black

Black ink is a determining factor in the density and contrast of the image as a whole. Neutral black, which does not take on any color, can reproduce sharp and dynamic colors in photo prints although creating perfectly colorless neutral black with inks is extremely difficult. Canon, however, has succeeded in bringing the tone of its genuine dye black ink closer to neutral, thus improved its visual blackness by combining a variety of dyes.

This chart is conceptual and does not accurately show the actual color.



4.Gray ink effect

A color shift might occur due to the inconsistency of the ejection volume of CMYK inks where printers without gray ink reproduce gray area by mixing color inks.
To deal with this problem, PIXMA MG8200 series printers and 6200 series printers include a gray ink tank to help provide more stable gray balance with reduced graininess by using gray ink and a little color ink.


Gray ink in color printing

As well as in monochrome photo printing, gray ink plays a significant role also in color photo printing. It produces more stable and neutral gray tone which is crucial to reproduction of low-saturation areas in color photos.

Applicable models: MG8200 series printers and MG6200 series printers



5.Pigment black ink for crisp and sharp black text

When printing text or a document, pigment black ink takes a prominent role to help deliver crisp and sharp text and characters on plain paper.
New genuine Canon pigment black ink brings dense and crisp-and-sharp black text print to the output because the surface of the pigment in the ink has been chemically treated on the nanoscale using Canon original treatment methods and treating agent.
These nanoscale technologies suppress unwanted light reflection to the print surface by settling pigment particles on the paper surface to effectively control the reflection, and results in delivering denser black print.

The molecular models illustrated here are conceptual and the print samples are simulated.



CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM went live in September 2010 and is a premium content service available exclusively to owners of select Canon PIXMA printers only when all of the software and the colors of genuine Canon inks are installed.
The users can download various contents including photographs, paintings or illustrations from universally celebrated artists and print them from their PIXMA at a high quality with genuine Canon ink. Not only printing as a picture as it is, but users can also enjoy creating beautiful your own calendars, greeting cards and more.