Exactly As You Envisioned.

Preserve the nuances of the image you envisioned with the quality and accuracy you expect. Your vision, technique and attention to detail are kept true in the final print with the Canon PIXMA series of professional printers.

Black & White and Color
Print Quality

Multiple monochrome inks in the PIXMA Professional Inkjet Printers deliver enhanced, deep black density to raise your level of professional print quality when creating the dramatic expression of Black & White photography. Your printed photos will have expanded dynamic range, especially in the darker or shadow areas of the image. As part of the total ink system, these monochrome inks also allow you to reproduce smooth, delicate, and natural tonal gradations in Black & White and color imagery accordingly from highlights to shadows.

Media Compatibility

The PIXMA Professional Inkjet Printers proudly supports professional photo printing on a variety of Fine Art and Glossy Photo Papers. Its two-way paper feeding provides a rear tray for most supported media types, and a dedicated manual feed in the back of the printer for easy loading of thicker papers.