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Lens Care

Dirt, dust and fingerprints impact the performance
of your lens. And believe it or not, there is a right way
and a wrong way to clean a lens. Do it right and you'll
maintain peak optical performance. Do it wrong and
you could scratch an expensive piece of
photographic equipment.

 Lens Cleaning

 Lens Protection

Lens Cleaning

Step 1

Carefully blow off any dust or dirt, using a blower brush or (very carefully!) compressed air.

Step 2

Place a drop of lens cleaning fluid on a clean piece of lens cleaning tissue, or blow gently on the lens so that moisture condenses on its surface.

Step 3

Gently wipe the lens surface from the edges toward the center of the lens, with a lifting rather than rubbing action.
A micro-fiber cleaning cloth is a good alternative to lens tissue, and requires no lens cleaning fluid.

For best performance, use only the Canon Lens Cleaning Kit which contains cleaning solution,
lens tissue and blower brush, available through your authorized Canon Camera Dealer.

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Lens Protection

Consider using a Skylight or UV filter as full-time protection of your lens, shooting your pictures through it and removing it only when you're using another filter for special effect. And of course, don't forget to use your front and rear lens caps!

Your lenses are precision instruments just like your EOS camera is. Protect them from shock, impacts and dust by using an appropriate lens case. And store them in cool,
dry areas whenever possible.

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