Easy-PhotoPrint EX

Page Setup Screen (Album)

On this screen, you can set the basic settings, layout, and background for your albums.

figure: Page Setup screen for Album

1 Paper Size Select the paper size you want to use.
2 Orientation Select the paper orientation you want to use.
3 Cover Select whether the front and back covers are put on the album.
Click Options... and determine whether the inside of the front and back covers is left blank. If you selected None in Cover, this option is not available.
Cover Options Dialog Box
4 Double page album Check to select the double page layout. In the spread (or consisting of two-page master) page layout, you can arrange an image across the right and left pages.
5 Page number Check to print the page numbers on your album. Click Settings... and you can change the text position, size and color for the page numbers.
Page Number Settings Dialog Box
6 Margins... button Set the margins for the front cover, inside pages, and back cover.
Margin Settings Dialog Box
7 Theme Select the theme you want to use.
Each theme has its own layouts, backgrounds and others preset.
After selecting a theme, you can select the layout and background of the selected theme.
8 Sample Layout The currently selected layout and background are displayed.
9 Layout... button Change the layout of the front cover, inside pages, and back cover.
You can also determine whether to print dates on photos.
Change Layout Dialog Box
10 Background... button Change the background of the front cover, inside pages and back cover.
Change Background Dialog Box