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DVD is a very convenient format for recording video and the HR10's 3" AVCHD format discs play in Blu-ray Disc players that are rated to play the AVCHD format. Choose between DVD-R, DVD-RW or DVD-R DL discs and record at four levels of image quality depending on your preferences.

With a DVD camcorder, you also have true random access. No time is spent fast forwarding or rewinding to find the scenes for which you're looking. Choose the location and you're there.

Using Dual Layer DVD discs in the HR10 greatly increases the recording time available and approaches that available on Standard Definition MiniDV tape. Of course, you can always choose to record in Standard Definition on the HR10 -- it's your choice.

Image Quality Average Bit Rate Single Layer Disc Dual Layer Disc
XP+ App. 12 Mbps App. 15 min. App. 27 min.
XP App. 9 Mbps App. 20 min. App. 36 min.
SP App. 7 Mbps App. 25 min. App. 45 min.
LP App. 5 Mbps App. 33 min. App. 60 min.

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