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3.1 Mega Pixels - Still Image Recording

3.1 Megapixel Photos: Canon has built a long and fine reputation on its technologically advanced digital cameras. That same expertise is found in the photo capabilities of its camcorders. With the HV20, you can capture 3.1 Megapixel still images at 4:3, or 2.07 Megapixel images at 16:9. Images are captured to a miniSDTM card. Plus, with Simultaneous Photo Shooting, you can record HD video and capture a 2 Megapixel photo to a memory card -- simultaneously.

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Approximate number of still images that can be recorded in different recording media with the following quality settings:

On a 32 MB memory card
Image Size Super Fine Fine Normal
LW - 1920x1080 20 30 60
L - 2048x1536 10 20 40
M - 1440x1080 25 40 80
S - 640x480 140 205 375

On a 128 MB memory card
Image Size Super Fine Fine Normal
LW - 1920x1080 90 135 265
L - 2048x1536 60 85 180
M - 1440x1080 120 180 350
S - 640x480 600 865 1,560

On a 512 MB memory card
Image Size Super Fine Fine Normal
LW - 1920x1080 350 525 1,040
L - 2048x1536 235 350 700
M - 1440x1080 470 700 1,370
S - 640x480 2,320 3,355 6,040

Histogram Display
The HV20's advanced Histogram Display lets you fine-tune your exposures by viewing the brightness of your photos as you shoot just as in Canon's line of digital SLR cameras.

Built in Flash: The HV20 comes with a convenient built-in flash for capturing still images in low light conditions and red eye reduction.

9 Point AiAF Mode: Canon's Auto Intelligent Auto Focus gives the HV20 the ability to select just the right subject you want to bring into sharp focus, even if it's not in the center of the frame. It will select from 9 metering frames to catch the action precisely the way you want, adding to your creative flexibility.

Direct Print
Direct Print
Share your high quality photos easily with friends and family with Direct Print to any compatible printer.

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