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20x HD Video Zoom Lens
HD Video Lens
The XH A1's 20x HD Canon Professional L Series Fluorite lens ensures outstanding resolution, contrast and color reproduction, and delivers greater clarity and image quality than conventional optical glass lenses. It is an ultra-low dispersion (UD) lens, for reduced chromatic aberration. The lens also incorporates Canon's SR multi-coating for minimizing ghosting and veiling of the image.

This f1.6 - 3.5, 4.5 - 90mm lens gives you a wide view that is equivalent to a 32.5 - 650mm focal length lens on a 35mm camera. It also comes with 2 built-in ND filters (1/6 and 1/32), and can be enhanced with an optional Canon 0.75x wide converter.

Manual iris ring: An iris ring has been incorporated into the design of the lens. With iris ring, zoom and focus rings incorporated into the design of the lens, you can adjust zoom, focus and aperture with a single hand. Manual adjustment of the 6-leaf aperture can be made in 1/8 stop increments.

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Zoom: The XH A1 and lens let you operate the zoom using the lens barrel ring, the control on the camera's grip, or the control on the camera's handle.

When using the zoom ring on the lens at the high-speed setting, you control the speed of your zoom by varying the angle of the ring. When the high-speed setting is not selected, you control the speed of the zoom by varying the speed at which you rotate the ring.

When using the grip control, you can zoom at 16 different speeds in response to the pressure with which the zoom lever seesaw switch is pressed. Or you can use the control to operate at a single zoom speed, which you preset. When C (CONSTANT) has been selected using the zoom speed selector lever, any one of the 16 speed settings can be set to serve as the constant zooming speed. The zooming speed is then displayed on the right side of the zoom bar on the display panel.

Zoom speed (WT):

  • When VAR is selected: Approx. 2.6 sec. (fastest speed) to approx. 60 sec. (slowest speed)
  • When C is selected: Speed 1: approx. 60 sec., speed 6: approx. 10 sec., speed 16: approx. 2.6 sec.

Zoom speed (WT): When high-speed zoom is set

  • When VAR is selected: Approx. 1.5 sec. (fastest speed) to approx. 60 sec. (slowest speed)
  • When C is selected: Speed 1-13: same as at standard setting, speed 16: approx. 1.5 sec.

When using the handle zoom control, you can operate the zoom at a single, pre-set speed. The zoom speed is the speed when ZOOM SPEED CONSTANT was set.

Electronic Focus Ring: Unlike traditional focus rings, the electronic focus ring of the XH A1 turns continuously and does not have a start or stop point. A focus distance readout is visible in the viewfinder and can be used to reset the focus from a previous shot when recording multiple takes of the same set up.

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