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Complete Image Customization
Custom Functions
With the XH A1's Custom Functions capability, you can establish the camera settings best suited to your preference. Three custom functions (C.Fn1, C.Fn2 and C.Fn3) are provided. Each custom function allows a total of 21 main items to be selected. All three custom functions can be recorded on a memory card, and can then be downloaded to another camcorder.

Custom Functions Overview Chart
Shockless White Balance /
For smooth change of WB or gain
AE Response Middle, High and Low Response at time of AE change
High-Speed Zoom Setting high-speed zoom
Focus-Ring Control Setting the focus-ring response to normal or slow
Button Operation Setting the response of for buttons to prevent operational error; buttons include: Magnification, WB Set, Exposure Lock, and Push AF
Rings Direction Setting the operation direction of the zoom ring, focusing ring and iris ring
Dials Direction Setting the operation direction of the cursor and shutter dials
Focus Priority ON or OFF; n/a in Full Auto Mode
Still Picture Record OFF, ON, ON + CP data
Marker Levels
(Marker Brightness)
Setting the brightness of the horizontal/center/grid, aspect and safety zone markers
Focusing Assist B&W
Gearing Mode
Sets the color/B&W (ON) display when the magnified focus or peaking function is used; n/a in Full Auto Mode
Subject Distance Unit Setting the subject distance to meters or feet
Zoom Indicator Setting zoom indicator to zoom bar or numerical value
Color Bars Setting color bars to TYPE1 (SMPTE) or TYPE2 (ARIB)
1 kHz Tone Setting test tone to -12dB, -20dB or OFF
Wireless Remote Setting remote control cord/code setting
Power Save Setting automatic power source to turn OFF after 5 minutes
Tally Lamp Setting lamp to ON and BLINK, or OFF
LED Setting LED to TYPE1, TYPE2 and OFF
Beep Setting the volume LOW, VOLUME, HIGH, VOLUME and OFF
Character Record OFF/ON

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