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Shoot Assist Functions
A variety of shoot assist functions help you optimize image quality:

7 Program AE Modes: A variety of AE modes allow you to take as much or as little control of exposure as you need. Auto and Full Auto modes let you concentrate on your subject and the composition of your shot rather than exposure, or make it easy to maintain exposure during shots with lighting conditions that change. Manual lets you control every aspect of your exposure manually. With Tv priority, you select the shutter to match your subject; for example, you might select a shorter shutter speed for a fast moving subject. With Av priority, you select your aperture; for example, you might want more control over your depth of field. Spotlight gives you the optimal exposure for a brightly lit subject against a darker background. Night mode automatically adjusts exposure parameters to give you the best image possible of video recorded at night.

White Balance: White balance can be set using different modes: Auto, Set (2 positions), Preset (outdoor: 5,600K, indoor: 3,200K), and color temperature (K: Kelvin). The color temperature setting ranges from 2,800 K to 12,000 K (in 100 K intervals). The initial setting is 5,500 K. The white balance is fixed at "Auto" during Full Auto mode. Fine adjustments using white balance shift can be enabled even with presets: outdoors (-9 to +9), indoors (-9 to +9). The range of these fine adjustments is greater for outdoors than for indoors. Also provided is a function for ensuring that the white balance is changed smoothly (shock-less white balance).

Exposure lock: This function is activated by pressing the EXP. LOCK button in Auto, Tv or Av mode only. After it is activated, the iris and shutter speed can be adjusted. The adjustable shutter speed and aperture value is based on the setting values in Tv priority mode and Av priority mode (see "(4) Electronic shutter" below.) After EXP. LOCK is set, the shutter speed or aperture value can be adjusted.

AE Shift: In Auto, Tv or Av mode, choose between 7 different AE shifts: +/-2.0, +/-1.5, +/-1.25, +/-1.0. The shift is then displayed on the LCD.

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Gain setting: Gain settings of -3, 0, +3, +6, +12, +18 or +36 dB (for capturing images in extreme low-light situations) are available. The +36 dB setting is available in the tape mode only.

Skin detail: This function lets you adjust skin tone detail to "high," "middle" or "low" after establishing the hue, chroma, area and Y level settings.

Sky detail: This adjustment optimizes the signal to noise ratio in shots with large amounts of blue sky.

Color correction: This function corrects the color gain of the hues selected among the 16 hues after first two hues (A/B) have been selected and then the color darkness (chroma), area (color width) and brightness (Y level) have been specified.

Marker displays: Marker displays help you compose your shot. Center marker and grid display help you position subjects in your viewfinder with accuracy. Horizontal marker lets you line up horizontal lines in your composition (e.g. horizon) to the marker to ensure a level shot. Plus, you get safety zone and aspect ratio marker.

Focus assist: The XH A1 has two focus assist function capabilities: peaking function for displays that emphasize the image contours; and magnifying function for displays in which the center areas of the images are enlarged.

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