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Features and Benefits Overview
Features and Benefits Overview
Professional L Series Fluorite The series of Canon's highest quality lenses; ensures outstanding resolution, contrast and color reproduction, and delivers greater clarity and image quality than conventional optical glass lenses.
Super-Range Optical Image
Provides stabilization over a broad range of camcorder instability including vibration, hand movement and body sway - resulting in a steadier image
60i, 30F and 24F Frame Rates 60i is the standard frame rate; 30F results in optimal clarity for fast moving subjects; 24F gives the look and motion of film
Professional JackPack Provides connections for HD/SD-SDI with embedded audio and time code, SMPTE Time Code In/Out, and Genlock; allows multi-camera shots and mixing of multi-camera shots on a live broadcast
HD/SD-SDI Allows uncompressed HD output, ensuring no degradation to image quality due to compression; most useful for direct camera-to-HD broadcast work
SMPTE Time Code In/Out Industry standard time code; sharing time code with another camcorder or receiving time code from an external source enables multi-camera recording
Genlock In Enables multi-camera shoots such as live broadcasts; allows mixing of Genlocked signals for editing of live images "on the fly"
DIGIC DV II HD Image Processor Designed for High Definition; ensures optimal image quality, with high color reproducibility and advanced noise reduction
Compact Design Enhances portability and ease of operation
Total Image Control XH G1 allows you to manually set a variety of image quality adjustments including Gamma, Knee, sharpness, color, etc. to get the right look in your video
(9) Custom Presets Set image quality adjustments and store them as 9 different presets for later use or for exporting to other camcorders
(2) Custom Keys By assigning frequently used functions to 2 custom keys, you increase the ease of operation and level of customization of your camcorder; functions include Time code, Zebra pattern, etc.
Instant AF For more accurate, faster focus; auto focus designed specifically for High Definition; combines an external AF sensor and a TV AF sensor to decrease the time it takes to find focus and improve the camcorder's ability to maintain focus
High Speed Zoom Mode Provides fast, steady zooms for action shots and other
Manual Iris Ring Iris Ring incorporated into lens; in conjunction with zoom and focus rings on lens, provides user with the ability to adjust aperture, zoom and focus with single hand

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