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Canon DIGIC DV II Image Processor
Canon DIGIC DV II Image Processor

Canon's exclusive DIGIC DV II Image Processor delivers the optimal image quality possible for both HD video and still images and is maximized for the large volume of information in 1080 HD signals. It ensures the optimal image quality for HD video at 1440 x 1080 with 4:2:2 color sampling.

The different color requirements of video and still images are recognized by the DIGIC DV II Image Processor and maximized for each type of output.

Tonal reproducibility has been increased for high image quality. Color reproducibility has also been enhanced for improved color image quality - especially in skin tones, and dark and light scenes. The DIGIC DV II processor also employs a new hybrid noise reduction system that integrates two types of noise reduction. When combined with an advanced gamma system, this is especially effective at reducing noise in monotone and shadow areas.

It deals with gamma and knee parameters independently, enabling the XH G1S to express the gradation adaptively.

In addition to amazing color image processing capabilities, the XH G1S has the ability, through its dual processors, to simultaneously record video and still images. Digital still images can be recorded in either digital color space or video color space.

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