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60i, 30F Progressive, 24F Progressive Frame Rates
60i, 30F Progressive, 24F Progressive Frame Rates
The XH G1S provides a range of options to help you realize your creative vision. One of the key options is the ability to choose frame rate settings between 60i, 30F progressive and 24F progressive - you will have just what you need to achieve your best results.

30F Progressive Frame Rate
In addition to the standard interlaced video frame rate of 60i, you may choose to set the XH G1S to capture video in 30F (30 progressive frames, recorded in 60i) which is ideal for footage which will be uploaded to the Internet. It is also an excellent choice for capturing fast action shots and sporting events. In addition, this setting gives enhanced quality to still images captured after recording.

24F Progressive Frame Rate
This setting gives a "film look" to the footage you record as the video frame capture rate is 24F, giving the appearance of the same frame rate as movie film.

An added feature of the XH G1S, which complements the 24F frame rate mode, are flags for the 24F 2:3 pull-down information. Added to the video output through HD-SDI, which normally outputs 60i, these reference markers ensure that the extra frames removed can be located by compatible hardware or software. You will then have native 24F for accurate professional editing.

60i / 50i Video Frame Rate Option
With the XH G1S's versatile open-architecture approach, you can even customize your HD camcorder to record in both 60i and 50i (This optional upgrade must be performed by a Canon Service Center).

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