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Audio System
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To help you capture audio with the quality and flexibility you require, the XL H1A offers a range of audio features to enhance your production.

The included microphone is an electret stereo condenser type with directivity of 120 degrees. It is also capable of mono recording with a uni-directional pick-up pattern.

Audio recording is possible in the following modes, depending on the recording standards.

Audio Recording Modes
DV recording
PCM digital recording (48 kHz, 16 bits or 32 kHz, 12 bits selectable)
HDV recording
MPEG1 Audio Layer II (Sampling frequency: 48 kHz) (Bit rate: 384 kbps)

Built-in XLR terminals: The XL H1A XLR terminals (CH1, CH2) supply phantom power and can be switched between LINE and MIC.

XLR Terminal Specifications
MIC input
(1) shield, (2) hot, (3) cold
Input impedance
600 Ω
-59.5 dBv (Auto mode)
Maximum sensitivity
1 -71.5 dBv (Auto mode/MIC Gain Up 12 dB)
Maximum sensitivity
2 -71.5 dBv (Manual mode/vol.Max)
Maximum sensitivity
3 -83.5 dBv (Auto mode/vol.Max+MIC Gain Up 12 dB)
20 dB
Line Input
Input impedance
10 kΩ
+6 dBv

2 Independent Channel Adjustment: CH1 to CH2 audio level can be adjusted independently.

Built-in microphone: The XL H1A is equipped with a built-in electret condenser microphone with cross-layout directivity and a directional angle of approximately 120 degrees. The microphone amplifier comes with a sensitivity selector. Attenuation level (20dB) can be switched. Microphone mode can be set to "Normal" or "High sensitivity". "Normal", "Voice" or "Wind screen" can also be set as the microphone mode.

External microphone holder: The XL H1A also comes equipped with an external mic holder for added audio functionality.

External 1/8" microphone input jack: An external mic jack lets you connect your external mic and allows attenuation level switching (20dB).

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