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In keeping with the Canon XL Series, the XL H1A provides the level of operating convenience demanded by professional users whether in the field or the studio.

Zoom Grip
ZOOM GRIP LEVER: The zoom grip lever is designed with 16 zoom levels, with the maximum and minimum speed range expanded in the XL H1A. You can either choose "constant" or turn the zoom speed dial to obtain a faster or slower zoom speed. Choosing "variable" on the switch allows the lever to respond to the user's touch - a gentle pressure gives a slower zoom, harder gives a faster zoom.

Memory cards can be formatted in the camcorder.

Color bar selection capability (two types each for NTSC & PAL)

To avoid accidental operation, the responsiveness of the buttons controlling shutter, zoom, focus, PUSH AF, AE LOCK, WB SET, AE shift dial, REC REVIEW, DE SEL, DE ON, End-Search and Gain Set can be set.

Letterbox format supported when signals are converted during playback
Default write & protect
Marker color specification
Frame grab compatibility to SD/SDHC memory card during shooting or playback
(1920 x 1080)

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