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Complete Customization
Complete Customization
The XL Series has always been well known for the vast range of adjustments, control functions and built-in features which allows the user to customize the camcorder to fit their precise needs. This is Complete Customization, which brings a higher level of tuning to help you realize your creative objectives with greater precision than ever before.

The XL H1S allows you to customize image quality, camera functions and display settings. This customization ensures that your XL H1S fits your creative, production and personal needs and preferences exactly. Settings can be saved to memory for easy retrieval or downloaded into other camcorders.

In the XL H1S, new and wider ranges of adjustments can be found in: Color Gain, Color Matrixes, Menu Display Adjustments, Custom Operation Functions, Preset File Sharing, Push AE, Iris Control, White Balance Color Temperature Range, Color Correction and Noise Reduction, to name just a few.

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