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Combination EVF-LCD Viewfinder
Download the Combination EVF-LCD Viewfinder Whitepaper
EVF FOCUS ASSIST OPTIONS: Since crisp focus is critical when recording in the HD format, these professional features have been added:

PEAKING: Enhances distinct outlines of objects in the frame. The more "in focus" the object is, the more distinct the "peaking" outline will be. This "peaking" effect is not recorded to tape, and is not output through any of the terminals.

MAGNIFYING: Electronically enlarges the frame by approximately 2x. This focus assist tool is not an "optically pure" magnification, and is not intended as an extra zoom. It cannot be recorded to tape, as the magnification turns off automatically when you press record. However, the magnification is output through the HD/SDI terminal and the HDV/DV terminal. Therefore, if you're recording out to another capture medium, be sure to turn off the magnification feature before you begin recording.

EVF DISPLAY: This button allows you to hide some or all of the text information displayed in the electronic viewfinder. Press the button multiple times to view all the options. One option is completely clear -- with no overlays -- mimicking an optical viewfinder.

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2.4", 16:9, 215K pixels LCD

Combination EVF/LCD Color Viewfinder eyepiece adapter opens for LCD operation
(LCD screen brightness increases when eyepiece adapter is open)

Adjustments (physical) forward/backward, left/right, rotational (90 degrees downward, 135 degrees upwards)
Adjustments (picture) 4 adjustments (brightness, contrast, color, sharpness)

Diopter Range +0.5 to -4.0

Visual Field of View 60i -- approx. 94.5% H, approx. 97.5% V

Menu Languages English, Chinese (simplified), Japanese

Audio level bar indicator

Warning Lights shutter, rec, gain

Focus Assist peaking, magnify, distance measurement (feet / meters)

B&W mode Yes

Data Code Display date and time, shooting data

EVF display select 4 selectable levels of shooting data including clear (image only, no data)

H/V Image flip Yes, EVF only through Custom Keys (non-Canon lenses and adapters)

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