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CONSOLE Image Control & Storage Software
The Play Panel is comprised of 3 optional windows that allow you to review what you've just recorded or call up any older clips and stills that may be stored on your hard-drive or SD card.

The black information windows immediately beneath the viewer show the name of the selected clip and a running counter (which starts from zero on each clip and does NOT match the camera's timecode). Under the play button, there is a slider that allows you to alter the speed of the playback. The scale of the timeline can be adjusted by using the small "zoom buttons" on the far right-hand side of the viewer. On the far right-hand side of the "Play Viewer", there is an audio level monitor, a mute button, and a button to view the separate window for "Audio Monitor Settings".

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This window allows you to select which clip is playing in the "Play Viewer". On the left-hand side, there is a typical browser so you can find the desired clip on your hard-drive. The first two buttons along the top of the window's "mini toolbar" control the style in which the files are displayed (tile or detail) and the order of the clips displayed (chronological or reverse-chronological). The remaining two buttons allow you to select a still image from a Memory card or refresh the current list if more clips have recently been added to the selected file.

For details on this window, please see the "Vector and Wave Monitor" description under the "Rec Panel" section. The performance of the scopes and controls are identical, but please note that these scopes within the "Playback environment" are measuring values that have already been recorded. Thus, they are "locked in" and "un-alterable" until you take them into a color-correction program in post-production. There is no way to color correct a recorded image within this CONSOLE software.

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