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CONSOLE Image Control & Storage Software
As in most programs, the pull-down menus at the top of the screen provide alternate methods of accessing the functions controlled by buttons on the Toolbar (which we'll discuss in the next section), with the notable exception of the "Work Space (W)" option, which is not duplicated on the Toolbar. This option can be found under "View (V)", and allows you to save a customized workspace, in case you'd like to re-arrange the windows on your desktop.

The screen-grab above shows the windows that open in the "Standard" default mode when you open the CONSOLE software for the first time.

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Below is an example of our customized workspace for the "Rec Panel" environment. We've closed the "Play Panel" until it's needed. We've also dragged our "Custom Preset", "Camera Control", and "Focus Assist" windows to the far right, and have enlarged the "Rec Viewer" and the "Vector and Wave Monitor" windows.

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