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CONSOLE Image Control & Storage Software
Download the CONSOLE Image Control & Storage Software Whitepaper
The Canon CONSOLE software is the next generation of product developed by Canon in response to the practical needs of broadcasters in ENG, documentary and reality/episodic TV production as well as filmmakers. This software can be used with either the Canon XL H1 or the Canon XL2.

With this amazing software, you can control multiple functions of the camera remotely from your laptop. Whether you're changing camera settings like f-stop and white balance, capturing your footage directly onto your hard-drive, or monitoring a live video signal using the built-in Vectorscope and Waveform Monitor, the CONSOLE software puts all of the necessary professional functions at your fingertips.

CONSOLE is very simple and conveniently laid out in TWO basic environments: "Rec Panel" and "Play Panel". All the other windows are contained in one of these two environments. When capturing footage, the "Rec Panel" contains all the options you'll need to control camera functions and tweak the "look" of the image. When you are playing back footage, you'll be in the "Play Panel". It's that simple. These basic environments can be displayed or hidden by the first two buttons on the toolbar, or through pull-down menus at the top.

The four basic sections that comprise this overview of CONSOLE are as follows:

Armed with this CONSOLE software, the Canon XL H1 or XL2 and a well-calibrated studio monitor, a production studio, videographer or filmmaker has all the tools they need to embark on a professional production. Veteran camera operators will easily be able to assimilate these new tools into their existing workflow, and those who are new to this level of image control will find a freedom to learn and experiment that has previously been elusive.

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