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The Ultimate HD Camcorder
A practical guide to the feature set of the Canon XL H1
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The XL H1 is Canon's first high definition (HD) camcorder. It combines Canon's many years of innovative optical, integrated circuit and camera design into a camcorder designed for use by broadcasters in ENG, documentary and reality/episodic TV production as well as filmmakers.

This website will serve as a practical guide to the XL H1 and can also be a companion for the owner's manual. This information here will not get into the details of how to turn a particular feature on or off, but instead will highlight the circumstances under which each feature may be used, in order to unleash the full potential of your production. Each item will be examined from the point of view of "WHY" rather than "HOW".

The XL H1 HD camcorder has a similar appearance to Canon's XL1 and XL2 models, and has many of the same features, but offers a much broader range of capabilities, emulating those of cameras that are significantly more expensive.

With the "Professional JackPack" on this camcorder you can:
  • Send out an uncompressed HD signal (through the HD-SDI terminal)
  • Input and output SMPTE time code
  • Receive a Genlock signal.

And with the XL H1, you are capturing these images through genuine Canon optics, which rank among the very best in the world. Of course, this camcorder offers interchangeable lenses and the "open architecture" that has become a hallmark of Canon's XL series of camcorders. But that's just where the creative flexibility begins. With the image control functions of the XL H1 at your fingertips, you can enjoy unparalleled control over your image. From luminance to color saturation to latitude, every aspect of the image can be manipulated to deliver whatever "look" best suits your needs.

The XL H1 camcorder offers the ability to customize the image using a number of variables. These include: three color matrixes for a wide range of color correction and two cine gammas for intricate adjustment of dynamic range; customizable knee, black stretch, horizontal detail, coring, sharpness, noise reduction, color gain, hue and master color adjustments. Each setting can be modified independently, giving the user precise control over the video's appearance.

The XL H1's image settings allow complete control over the image, whether you're seeking that unique look or matching another camera. This type of versatility is unmatched in this product class.

Combined with other XL H1 features such as: three 1440x1080 CCDs, HD-SDI output, Time Code in/out, Gen Lock in and 20x HD lens with built-in Optical Image Stabilization, the XL H1 is the price/performance leader in the industry.

With so many buttons, knobs, and menu items, the Canon XL H1 could seem rather intimidating to a new user. However, as you become familiar with each professional feature, it will quickly become evident that everything is laid out in a very convenient manner.

The Canon XL H1 is fully equipped with the professional features you'll need for any situation you might find yourself in: from guerilla-style documentaries to studio broadcast environments (ENG, documentary and reality/episodic TV production) to feature film productions.

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