2. Case of a Business Presentation
Bring beautifully produced proposals
to your business meeting

sample 02

Business Categories
Marketing companies, trading companies and others.

Key benefits of the printing
1. Letters can be printed on top of background patterns, without causing any smudges on either the background or the letters, producing an easy-to-read print.
2. Edges come out clear-cut, making it possible to print elaborate graphs.

No matter how splendid the product may be, it needs to be clearly conveyed to your business partner to make a successful business transaction.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Something that is not so easily conveyed in words may be achieved by adding pictures to the proposal.
The key phrase is "Easy to see, and come under attention."
Especially in the case of transactions of products with high unit price, sophisticated planning papers matching the product should be used to create a favorable impression.
When you are dealing with high-priced transactions, isn't it inappropriate to come to the business meeting with monochrome proposals?