5. Case of a Restaurant
The menu is an important aspect of a restaurant.

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Business Categories
Wining and dining facilities

Key benefits of the printing
1. The output is sharp and clear, even down to the minute patterns in the background, helping the whole menu to leave a brilliant impression.
2. The photos not only capture the food, but also the tableware and linens used. The beauty of Japanese cuisine, complete with the food, tableware and linens, is conveyed.

The menu used at the table is an important aspect of a restaurant. Sometimes, the menu can be a decisive factor even more than the customers' impression of the actual restaurant.
Why not create a menu with plenty of beautiful pictures?
It is also more effective to use photos rather than just words in stimulating the appetite of customers.
The name of the dish may sound unfamiliar to the customer, but a photo may help to make them feel "it looks like a delicious dish" and prompt the customer to order it.
You can also readily print photos for the special seasonal menu items, which could be effective in adding a seasonal touch to your menu.