7. Case of an Exhibitor
Create something that leaves a lasting impression that also serves as a record

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Art galleries

Key benefits of the printing
1. Precisely reproduces the smoothness of photos, enabling exact reproduction of your work on print.
2. Wave patterns and shadows that some printers cannot output, may be clearly produced with gradation.

Why not create a brochure as a handout to the visitors to thank them for coming to see your exhibition?
The clarity of the picture on your brochure is a decisive factor. Unclear printing would not be able to convey the beauty of your art work.
A poorly made brochure may ruin the impression of your superb work on exhibit.
The key is for your work to stay both on record and in the memory of those visitors. While your exhibits appeal to the visitors' mind, why not use a brochure to help them keep your work on record?