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HF G30
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Additional Features

Video Snapshot

Video Snapshot allows you to capture the highlights of a once-in-a-lifetime trip or a family milestone with the same ease as taking photos. Simply record a series of short video clips – or select your favorite clips while in Playback Mode – and blend in your favorite background music to create an exciting movie that will grab everyone's attention. Video Snapshot on the VIXIA HF G30 allows selectable recording time (2, 4, or 8 seconds). Additionally, audio from an external source such as an MP3 player can be played along with the Snapshot movie, and playback can be controlled from that source.

Cinema-Look Filters

Other cinematic looks can be achieved through the use of Cinema-Look Filters. This feature offers a choice of nine varied built-in adjustable filters, which give the look of a variety of cinematic styles by compensating for the color, gamma and other aspects of the image's quality. The looks can be previewed in the LCD display while shooting. Choose from:

Cool Dramatic B&W

Cinema Standard — Recreates the warm tones and muted highlights of classic film

Cool — Adds a bluish tint for cool, futuristic-looking scenes

Dramatic B&W — Creates bold black-and-white video with high contrast and grain

Dream Memory Nostalgic

Dream — Adds a magical look (soft focus) for dream-like scenes

Memory — Produces a faded, misty look, such as for flashback scenes

Nostalgic — Recreates the look of old ‘70s TV programs

Old Movie Sepia Vivid

Old Movies — Gives video the aged look of old cinema

Sepia — Applies a sepia tint for an antique, faded look

Vivid — Accentuates primary colors for a bright, cheerful look

The brightness of each filter can be adjusted low, medium or high, for even greater control. The color depth, softening, and contrast can also be adjusted for each filter, giving you even more convenience and versatility.