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PowerShot SX170 IS Black

High-End, Advanced Digital Cameras
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PowerShot SX170 IS
Item Code: 8410B001
Estimated Retail Price: $179.99

PowerShot SX170 IS 3.8 5 13 13
Best Purchase ever I love this camera. I bought it, at a major retail store. It is very user friend. The quality of the zoom and the megapixels have to be seen to be believed for the quality pictures. I shared the camera with those at work, and we could see and take pictures of the cars across the street, the stadium and the parking lot, like we were looking at it. While is it not a DSLR camera, it is as close as you get, without the cost or the complexity. My only recommendation would be to make it a little slender but it really is not that bulky, plus the flash is manual and will only come on once it is manually flipped. Really, these are such minor things on the camera, that they are not even worth complaining about. Plus the rechargeable battery holds the charge for a long time. I love this camera. February 27, 2014
Best Camera Ever! I really like the size of the camera. It is like a mini "fancy camera." For my school i am in a yearbook class and taking pictures is extremely easy. The only thing that is complicated about it is that the settings are difficult once you first get it. But overall i really like this camera! :) January 12, 2014
I had no idea! I recommend reading the Manuel online I had no idea this camera I just got for my birthday could do so much! Takes way better pictures than my iPhone. I am more than satisfied with this camera. January 5, 2014
Great camera so far I've had this camera for about a month. It is replacing a Canon PS A710IS, which has served me flawlessly for several years. The A710 still works great, but being it's only 7.1 megapixels, I decided to upgrade to the SX170IS. So far I haven't been disappointed. The SX170 has the same features as my old camera, including full manual control. This was important to me. I have a much more expensive Canon digital SLR, but this camera is my everyday and travel camera and I like the flexibility. So far, I've seen no trouble with battery life. The A710 used 2 AA batteries, so they were always readily available if my rechargeable sets died, so I was a bit hesitent to move to a proprietary battery. I ordered an extra battery which I keep charged and I think it will be okay. I haven't even run down a battery fully yet. One of the only cons I've found with this camera is that some settings are done by rotating the wheel on the back of the camera. This wheel also allows you to press on 4 sides (N, S, E, W) to control other functions. The problem is when trying to rotate the wheel, it's really easy to accidentally press it. You have to rotate it very gingerly and it seems I always end up pressing something I shouldn't and getting another setting that I have to cancel and try and go back to rotating the wheel. The wheel doesn't turn so easily, so you almost have to apply pressure. This could be a problem if you are really in a hurry to get a shot, but need to adjust a setting that uses the wheel. The only other thing, which is not a big deal, is you have to manually flip the flash up to use it. It would be nice if it could automatically pop up if needed. December 28, 2013
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