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Speedlite 600EX-RT

Speedlite Flash Lineup
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From One to Three Knowing the importance of off-camera flash, I started out with a single 430EX II on my older camera via a hot shoe cable. But that only allowed me to scratch the surface. Recently moved up to a new camera and wanted to have much more flexibility and control, so purchased a single 600EX RT along with the ST-E3-RT transmitter. I now had a system that allowed me to create many more lighting situations with ease. The system is incredibly scalable, so picked up two more 600EX RT units. The ability to mix-and-match manual and ETTL is awesome. And not having to walk up to individual flashes to turn on/off or adjust power is a huge time-saver. I also really like the gel holder and have created quite a large collection now of custom-fit gels for it to include color correction, color effect, ND and diffusion. The menu system is organized very well; very easy to navigate and change settings. The implementation of radio features is solid. The ability to scan for best channel and usage of a custom pin greatly reduces issues. So far I haven't had misfires in my home where I have quite a bit of WiFi devices (though only a few are running at 2.4GHz now; most at 5GHz). Shooting with other photographers at a lighting workshop also went smoothly. Bottom line, these speedlites offer such a large set of features that are sure to appeal to a wide range of users. The ease of setup and usage really save time and give you much more freedom to create. One final note; very impressed that the units remember their settings in between usages. Whenever I turn on the transmitter and the speedlites, they automtically re-link and are in the same groups as they were when last used. Settings were even saved after swapping out batteries. May 10, 2014
gREAT pRODUCT Love my 600 RT's. I own 6 of them and they have dramatically changed my location flash use in fashion, weddings and interior design photography. Wireless Range is very adequate. I have been able to fire up to 100' in some locations April 8, 2014
Canon 70D using Canon 600EX-RT I bought the new Canon 70D as it is compatible with Canon’s 600 EX-RT flash systems in wireless mode, I had the Canon ST-E3-RT mounted on the camera and (2) 600 EX-RT on light stands and my camera on a tripod. This is the first time I have experienced wireless intermittent firing and I was not firing rapidly as I had to set up each shot that I was doing. I switched Cameras back to my Canon Mk IV and even my old 5D just to see if it would misfire’. No misfires at all...there is something not right with the new Canon Cameras...most embarrassing as I had the VP of marketing looking over my shoulder. Is there anyone using the same setup? See my first review :)- September 26, 2013
Terrific Flash The Speedlite 600EX-RT is a terrific flash. I have only had it for a few days but taken a hundred inside and outside shots experimenting with its settings. Perfect exposure in all scenario's. Great addition. April 25, 2013
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