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PIXMA MG6320 2.9 5 56 56
won't scan without ink besides the high ink usage and that it won't print in black if colors are out and black is full, it ALSO will not scan to the computer when colors are out, even though it uses absolutely NO color to scan to computer. If you wait a few seconds too ong between printing it goes through its aligning or cleaning heads which not ony uses up the ink but you have to wait for it to be done before you can print the next document. May 14, 2014
Ink hog - don't use auto off So the good: this printer makes great prints. The average: printing pages off the internet or for my kids reports etc, it's a little slow. Though does it really matter if it takes 2 minutes instead of 45 seconds? Probably not. It's somewhat loud and shaky but not unbearable. The bad: as many others have noted, it's a huge ink hog. It takes minutes running through cycles making noises, then prints the one stupid thing you wanted. Potential help: I have definitely noticed that I'm at least burning through LESS ink by just keeping it always on instead of using the auto off feature. So much for green. I'd rather save my own green :) Editorial: I think a lot of people having trouble with networking this printer may have other network issues. That's one thing I haven't had issues with. Though it did take a little monkeying with the setup to get it right. If keeping it on all the time cuts down the ink use, I'll keep it around, but wouldn't recommend it to someone else. April 27, 2014
Horrible Printer We have just spent hours trying to get this printer to work. Naturally it is just out of warranty. When we try to print text from word or ect all we get is a blank page or a little colored square. I just spend a fortune on ink and I am not going to have to throw this printer in the garage and find another brand of printer. I have had Canon printers in the past and they worked well. This is junk April 22, 2014
Doesn't connect to network! Ok. I consider myself pretty tech savvy. I have setup my own cloud network at home and also have an older Canon MG6200 wireless printer hooked up on the same network. The MG6200 that I bought a long time ago was configured via wireless and it worked like a charm upon first initial setup. With this MG6320, even after updating with the latest drivers, the computer simply can't see it. You'd think Canon would've made the MG6320's ability to work wirelessly more seamless since it's a newer model. Instead, it's backward. My old MG6200 worked flawless and this thing refuses to work. I've restarted the printer a dozen times already, have wasted an hour of my valuable time, and verified it is indeed connected to the network just like the MG6200. April 7, 2014
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