imagePROGRAF iPF8400S

Graphic Arts Printers
Item Code: 8554B002


Gallery Wrap Feature:

This creative tool can be accessed via Adobe Photoshop (not included) and allows users to easily create gallery wrap prints for framing, as well as creative options that will expand output possibilities.
  • Crop Marks: These lines are a guide for folding the paper for mounting.
  • Edge Lines: The area outside these lines is the area that gets folded around to the back of the canvas. (Not actually displayed or printed)
  • Blue Lines: The area within these lines is the area that appears on the front surface of the canvas when mounted. (not actually printed)
  • Canvas Thickness: This area becomes the sides of the canvas when mounted.Amount of extension- This is the region that is printed protruding excessively in order to prevent white areas appearing on the sides of the canvas.

You can choose the effect you would like on the canvas that would be wrapped on the frame.
  • Image: Wraps the image to the canvas sides.
  • Soft Image:Performs Gaussian filtering on the image on the canvas sides.
  • Reflection:Reflects the image on the canvas sides.
  • Soft Reflection: Reflects the image on the canvas sides and performs Gaussian filtering.
  • White, Black or Color Makes the canvas sides white, Black or a custom color