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Two Things I Don't Like I have been using the Canon 9000F MKII for six months to scan color slides that are very sharp. Typical scans are at 1800 or 2400 dpi. My major concern is the scan is never sharp. There had been a previous complaint about sharpness and for that user, the problem was resolved by changing out the scanner. I don't know if my problem is hardware or software. I always have to adjust the sharpness and only occasionally anything else. However, making this adjustment increases the file size from typically 700k to 2500k or more. My second concern is that after the initial scan, the file is in a jpg format which is lossy. Why couldn't it be in a loss less format (jif or png) until the final tweeks are made? Scan Gear provides only the one format , jpg. I'll struggle along but will always have a nagging feeling that something is wrong. IIs there a firmware adjustment that can be made? March 13, 2014
One Year Review I have been using my 9000F Mark II for a year now. I have scanned documents and photographs with it and am quite satisfied with the performance of the equipment. Software package is also satisfactory. February 7, 2014
In Scanning Heaven! This is my second scanner (I returned the first one immediately after scanning 2 slides - disaster!) I LOVE this scanner. I have thousands of family slides and some very old family photos that I want to archive as part of a genealogy project. After some initial struggling with when to scan with/without the FARE feature, I've got it down to a system and am getting fantastic results. Love the ability to adjust contrast, color, brightness, crop etc. I agree with the person who commented about naming the images - that's the only part I find difficult. I decided to copy them into folders on my PC desktop and am naming/dating them there so they stay in chronological order by topics. Tedious, but worth it in the end. One other thing that really helps is to use a light table to preview slides before scanning - discard the ones that aren't good and put them in the order you want to scan and save them. I just ordered an external monitor to use with my laptop so I have two workspaces, and also to see the images better for making adjustments. I highly recommend this for scanning slides - and the bonus I didn't even think about is being able to scan documents as well. Great product! February 5, 2014
Way better than my last scanner I used to own three other scanners by another company and this scanner is by far the best of all. In fact I used to used this other companies products exclusively but when I tried to get product support they wouldn't help me. I now have Canon printers and scanner and found that they are the more superior every facet of the game. This scanner takes about 1/10th the time to scan a document or image and with the use of the image garden makes scanning a joy. I now use Canon products exclusively. Everything about the scanner and printers makes using a computer much more exciting and fun. Thank you Canon. January 7, 2014
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