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CanoScan LiDE210

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CanoScan LiDE210
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About CanoScan LiDE210

Color Image Scanner
Item Code: 4508B002
Estimated Retail Price: $89.99

CanoScan LiDE210 3.8 5 32 32
BEST job, little scanner! I had no idea I would use this scanner so much nor did I realize how nice it is to scan directly into a PDF no more GIF or JPEG - scanning of documents.. This scanner is light, easy to plug in and out if you don't want to keep it around it is light weight, VERY efficient and SUPER easy to use as easy as "push this button that says PDF" or "scan and email" no worries.. need to print from scan? Go ahead push "print" and it will send the scan to your printer... need I say more? Go ahead spend on the best investment out there.. I had another one I gave away to a friend, that's how much I love this scanner... I bought this one and had it for over 3 years! April 21, 2014
Unusable Installation was easy and was looking forward to organizing the paperwork until I tried to scan the first document. Every document had a 1/2 inch of unscanned material. A solid black area was in it's place. Will return. March 8, 2014
Not for advanced users Pros - Easy to use for average users. Single cord - no need for a power cord or power supply brick. This is a major plus if you're traveling with this scanner, or occasionally need to place it in the middle of a large table to scan large items. Neutral - Not any faster than the 12+ year-old scanner it was replacing. Cons - The simplified driver software is too simple - you have to go through multiple screens to find the settings you want, and even then, there isn't much control over the settings. (what if I need to disable auto-color balance?) Overall, this makes it slower and harder for me to use. Recommendation: Best for normal users, not for advanced users. February 25, 2014
LiDE 210 Software Incompatible with Win 7 I purchased this scanner for its "easy set up and satisfactory scanning," which was touted by an online retailer. Reviews seemed favorable at that site, and the price was right. Unfortunately, the software that accompanied the scanner is apparently not compatible with Win 7 Home Edition,on a 64 bit laptop computer. The hard drive on this machine is empty, and this software was the second installed, after the security software. I get a continuous "Navigator has stopped working" error message, when I try to use the scanner with its factory software. Many attempts to restore or remove the software, updates via the Canon wevsite, and consultation with Canon service reps have not solved this problem. So I'm going with a laborius work-around, which is unsatisfactory for scanning multiple photos or documents in one "session". Not satisfactory, since this is not fast,and my time is money. Overall, the scanner is compact, is lightweight, and has features I wish I could use. So I give this scanner a "2" for its overall lack of usability. January 9, 2014
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