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• For the purpose of this guide, the MG7120 will be used as an example but the process is the same for all printers.
Options can be selected using the touch screen on the MG7120, or the buttons on the MG6420 or MG5520.

1:1 Initial Setup  
  Tap the Setup icon. Select Web service setup and choose web service connection setup.
1:2 Web Service Connection Setup  
  From the Web service connection setup screen, select Cloud Printing Center setup. Next, choose Register with this service and select Yes.
1:3 Select a Language  
  Select the display language for the print setting by tapping Next and selecting your language from the menu provided.
1:4 Authentication Process  
  Select OK to perform the authentication process and print the authentication URL. Your printer will begin communicating (this process may take a few minutes). When complete the User Registration Instructions will print. After the instructions have printed, tap OK to return to the Cloud Printing Center setup screen.  
  Go to the URL on the printout to register your PIXMA Printer.  
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If the registration ID created is for a printer being added to an existing PPS account, click here to learn how to manage multiple printers within the PPS application.
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