Explore the 5D Mark III

Explore the EOS 5D Mark III
The highly lauded EOS 5D Mark II created a devoted following among Canon EOS DSLR users. Now, with the release of the EOS 5D Mark III, this digital marvel is continuing in the EOS 5D-Series legacy to deliver the impressive quality loyal users have been waiting for.
Developing any Canon EOS DSLR requires extensive communication and building upon ideas to help create more advanced features. To understand what goes into producing one of the most highly anticipated Canon EOS DSLRs, watch how Canon engineers and designers worked together to create the EOS 5D Mark III.

See how some directors used the EOS 5D Mark III to shape their visions into these unique and creative movies that showcase the remarkable qualities of the camera. Clicking the "Watch Now" link will take you to a different site.

The EOS 5D Mark III reproduces textures, fine details and colors in superb high resolution. Even when recorded in a dimly lit environment, the EOS 5D Mark III's high ISO delivers remarkable results with a very small amount of image noise.

In "Mario & Nette," the EOS 5D Mark III can pick up on a vast variety of detail, such as the grass and street scenes, in different lighting situations without sacrificing image clarity. This is especially apparent when filming on the cobblestone street scenes that can sometimes produce moiré patterns.