VIXIA Performance

VIXIA Performance

Canon Advantage - VIXIA Features
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Wireless Technology

Numerous VIXIA camcorders now feature built-in Wi-Fi®, making captured HD video available easily for effortless sharing to friends and family. Compatible with 802.11 b/g/n wireless standards and operating on the 2.4 GHz band, these camcorders can connect with compatible home networks, wireless hotspots and even to iOS® devices with the free Canon Movie Uploader app*. Videos can also be shared over the Internet right from the camcorder by signing up on CANON iMAGE GATEWAY# – an online photo storage service that lets you upload to social networking sites. For added reliability, the VIXIA HF G30 offers dual-band support, operable as well on the 5 GHz band for busy areas where signal interference may occur.

Wi-Fi Logo

Select VIXIA camcorders also feature a dual codec recording option in MP4 or AVCHD format – or simultaneously in both formats with the VIXIA HF G30 and select VIXIA HF R Series camcorders. The MP4 format is a widely available format for easy viewing on a number of devices – from smartphones to tablets to laptops and computers. Its smaller file size and compatibility for upload to various websites like Facebook® and YouTube allows for easy sharing of videos anytime, anywhere. The high-quality AVCHD format is excellent for viewing on large screens, such as an HDTV or for archiving for future use with video-editing software.

Remote Browsing

Select VIXIA camcorders also allow you to use your PC, smartphone or tablet to browse remotely through the previously recorded videos stored on your camcorder, without connecting a cable^. The Remote Browse function uses a standard Web browser and does not require a special app, so you can browse from anywhere, anytime, using the convenience of wireless technology, and even save local copies of them on your device**.

Live Streaming & Remote Control

Select VIXIA camcorders with built-in Wi-Fi® feature a Live Streaming function, allowing you to receive the live video and sound your camcorder is recording from a distance on your iOS® or Android device with the free Canon CameraAccess plus app. Sent wirelessly to your mobile device, you can easily save the live-streamed videos for later review no matter where you are, and also remotely control camcorder functions including start/stop and zoom and even access information about remaining battery charge and recording time, zoom position and more. The optional Camera Pan Table CT-V1, which allows for horizontal panning up to 200 degrees and manual vertical tilt, can also be used with select VIXIA camcorders and the Canon CameraAccess plus app. Powered by AA batteries or by an outlet, the CT-V1 is an ideal accessory for baby monitoring, checking on pets while you’re out or keeping an eye on your home while on vacation.

* This software enables you to upload images to social network services. Before uploading images, please be aware that image files may contain privacy related information such as people and places. If necessary, please delete such information. Canon does not obtain, collect or use such images or any information included in such images through this software. Compatible with iOS version 5/6/7 for select devices. MP4 60p and AVCHD recordings are not supported for this function.

# One-time registration is required on CANON iMAGE GATEWAY online photo album.

Compatible with iOS version 5/6/7 or Android version 2.3/4.0/4.1/4.2 for select devices. Operations not guaranteed with all versions of the supported OS. MP4 35 Mbps and AVCHD 28 Mbps recordings are not supported for this function.

^ Compatible with iOS version 5/6/7 and Android version 4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3 for select devices. AVCHD recording is not supported for this function. On iOS devices, MP4 60p recording is not supported; only the playback function is available.

** Depending on the devices, OS, browser, movie format and video quality, you may not be able to play back or download recordings.

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The VIXIA HF G30 supports the use of GPS accessory GP-E2§, which is easily connected to the camcorder with a USB cable. Once connected, you can tag your videos and photos with location information like time, latitude, longitude and elevation. You’ll be able to use that information for editing purposes, archival purposes, or to pinpoint your travels afterwards when sharing with family and friends.


§ In certain countries and regions, the use of GPS may be restricted. Therefore be sure to use GPS in accordance with the laws and regulations of your country or region. Be particularly careful when traveling outside your home country. As a signal is received from GPS satellites, take sufficient measures when using in locations where the use of electronics is regulated.
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Smart Auto

When you use Smart AUTO, the camcorder intelligently detects and analyzes faces, brightness, color, distance and movement, then automatically selects the best settings for the scene. Whether you are capturing a sunset, a day at the beach or a fast-paced soccer game, Smart AUTO delivers exceptionally accurate results and makes shooting truly great video easier than ever before.

Smart Auto
Smart Auto-Daylight Smart Auto-Night Scene


Night Scene

Smart Auto-Portrait Smart Auto-Landscape



Tele Macro
Among the scenes available in Smart AUTO, a standout is Tele Macro. Tele Macro automatically zooms the lens of the camcorder to the telephoto end, setting the minimum object distance to approximately 1.3 feet (from 3.3 feet). This gives you the opportunity to shoot spectacular close-ups with the dramatic look of a shallow depth-of-field.

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Special Scene Modes

In addition to the predefined scenes on Smart AUTO, the VIXIA mini X and the VIXIA mini camcorders feature three extra Special Scene Modes: Food & Fashion, Sports and Macro. Food & Fashion captures colors and textures with beautiful detail and accuracy, even indoors under low light. Sports mode ensures smooth action with crisp, sharp movement. Macro lets you shoot close-up video with vivid, true color and spectacular definition. In addition to Food & Fashion, Sports and Macro, the VIXIA mini X camcorder also has In The Car, which adjusts camera settings so backlit subjects and dark areas inside the car are properly exposed.

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Touch & Track

Touch & Track allows any subject (pets, vehicles, etc.) to be the focal point of your video simply by selecting it on the Touch Panel LCD. It allows you to continuously track while automatically adjusting focus and exposure on the selected subject. You can also choose to adjust focus or exposure independently by turning off Touch & Track and turning on Touch Focus or Touch Exposure:

Touch & Track – Allows any subject (a face, even of a pet) to be the focal point of your video by simply selecting it on the Touch Panel LCD.

Touch & Focus – The touched location is brought quickly into focus.

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Genuine Face Detection

The same high-quality Face Detection technology used in Canon digital cameras is now available in Canon VIXIA high definition camcorders. Up to 35 faces can automatically be detected and 9 detection frames can be displayed at one time, ensuring razor-sharp focus, and natural, accurate exposure. The system is so intelligent that it recognizes faces that are turned down or sideways. In addition, a specific face may be selected as the main subject for continuous tracking. The technology enhances auto exposure by compensating to eliminate whiteout or loss of shadow detail. Even playback can be linked to Face Detection, allowing you to access specific scenes based on faces.

Face Detection Technology Logo

Face Detection — During shooting, the technology gives faces optimal focus and exposure for natural skin tone.

Face Tracking, Face Index, Timeline by Face

Face Tracking — Faces in the frame are tracked to deliver fast, pin-point focus in any composition.

Face Index — Detected face frame displays as thumbnail in each shot.

Timeline by Face — Detected face frame is linked to a timeline.

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Audio Scene Select

Audio Scene Select on select VIXIA camcorders makes it even easier to capture clear, high quality audio with a choice of five audio modes to choose from based on your shooting situation: Standard, Music, Speech, Forest and Birds, and Noise Suppression. Each of these modes has pre-determined optimized settings best suited for the shot you’re capturing, resulting in outstanding video with realistic, immersive audio. Audio settings can also be custom set to meet your shooting needs.

On the VIXIA mini X camcorder, Audio Scene Select has been advanced with the addition of three new modes: Meeting, Festival and Custom Setting. Meeting is the best choice for group recordings with multiple participants around the camcorder for a greater sense of ambiance. Festival is best for outdoor musical events to capture the sound of performers around the camera with a good stereo balance, while Custom settings offers individual adjustments of Directivity, Frequency Characteristics, Microphone Level, Wind Screen, Mic Attenuator, Audio Limiter and Audio Compressor.

Audio Scene Select
Cinema Standard   Cinema Music   Cinema Forest and Birds

Standard — Standard audio setting, best for recording in mixed audio environments


Music — Rich soundstage and timbre, perfect for live indoor performances


Forest and Birds — Natural soundscapes are clearly audible; used in relatively quiet forests or places with birdsong

Cinema Speech Cinema Noise Suppression Cinema Meeting

Speech — Recording focused on the speaker in front of the camcorder

Noise Suppression — Reduces ambient noise, wind and the sound of moving vehicles

Meeting* — Clearly records multiple speakers around the camcorder


Cinema Festival

Custom Setting*



Freq. Characteristics


Mic Level


Wind Screen


Mic Attenuator


Audio Limiter


Audio Compressor



Festival* — Captures performances around the camera with optimal stereo balance, ideal for outdoor musical events

* VIXIA mini X only.
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Audio Scene Select

The VIXIA mini X camcorder not only captures great video, but outstanding audio quality as well, thanks to its built-in, high-quality stereo microphone. The camcorder’s large-diameter 10mm stereo microphone captures enhanced, immersive sound plus features that help ensure low noise. The use of 16-bit Linear PCM audio* format at a CD-quality sampling rate of 48 kHz adds an extra dimension to any video recording, by capturing full-fidelity, pristine sound with depth and realistic nuances.


Audio Scene Select

Audio Scene Select
* Only supported in AVCHD/24 Mbps recording mode.
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Cinema-Look Filters

Express your creative vision through distinctive built-in filters. Choose from among nine filters with the VIXIA HF G30 and VIXIA HF G20 camcorders or seven with the VIXIA HF R-series and VIXIA mini camcorders as you record to create video with a variety of professional cinematic looks. For even more convenience and versatility, Cinema-Look Filters can now be customized on the VIXIA HF G30 and VIXIA HF G20 camcorders. The brightness of each filter can be selected from low, medium or high, and the color depth, softening, and contrast can also be adjusted for even greater control. On the new VIXIA HF R-series camcorders, Cinema-Look Filters can be applied post-capture. Enhanced Cinema-Look Filters help you achieve exactly the effect you want.

Cinema-Look Filter Logo
Cinema Standard Cool Dramatic B&W

Cinema Standard — Recreates the warm tones and muted highlights of classic film

Cool — Adds a bluish tint for cool, futuristic-looking scenes

Dramatic B&W — Creates bold black-and-white video with high contrast and grain

Dream Memory Nostalgic

Dream — Adds a magical look (soft focus) for dream-like scenes

Memory — Produces a faded, misty look, such as for flashback scenes

Nostalgic — Recreates the look of old ‘70s TV programs

Old Movies Sepia Vivid

Old Movies — Gives video the aged look of old cinema

Sepia — Applies a sepia tint for an antique, faded look

Vivid — Accentuates primary colors for a bright, cheerful look

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Story Creator

Story Creator assists you in the process of producing an organized video with a logical storyline. Choose a theme, and the camcorder provides a list of more than 20 suggested scenes to shoot. Select VIXIA camcorders also feature an improved Story Creator with video shooting tips—suggested tips on story, scene structure, composition and pacing—to help you capture the right footage for a compelling video to share among friends and family. After you’ve captured your footage, Story Creator plays it back in the correct story order even if they were not shot that way. It also helps you to categorize and rate your scenes, making it easy to select and play back your favorites.

Story Creator
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Baby Mode

Easily capture, track, organize and share the precious moments of your baby’s development with the Baby Mode featured on select VIXIA camcorders. Advanced on the new VIXIA HF R Series camcorders to allow the registration of up to three babies, Baby Mode is activated by a custom control button on the shooting screen with optimal settings automatically selected for high-quality capture. The Pre-Record function is always on, placing the camera in a stand-by "pre-roll" mode, where it continuously records three seconds of video to memory before you even press the record button, making it easier than ever to capture your baby’s "firsts" and every special moment. Videos shot in Baby Mode are automatically saved to a dedicated Baby Album, where you can then view them chronologically for a seamless way to relive and share your baby’s growth with friends and relatives. Touch Decoration is available in Baby Mode so you can stamp video with your baby’s current height and weight, or include captions, animations, doodles and more. It can even add how old the baby is after registering the baby’s birth date, creating an exact diary of neatly organized developmental milestones. The choice of Touch Decoration options has been vastly increased on the new VIXIA HF R series of camcorders for even more fun, unique videos of your baby’s development.

Baby Mode
Baby Mode Baby Mode

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Touch Decoration

Touch Decoration enables you to superimpose and record a variety of entertaining images using the Touch Panel LCD. Animations, stamps, decorative frames, and even freehand drawings (using the supplied stylus) can be added to give your videos creative flair. Further enhancements in select VIXIA camcorders feature a choice of 27 types of frame graphics for you to choose from; including icons with easy-to-understand animations effects. On select VIXIA camcorders, Touch Decoration options can even be appended to previously recorded video* for enhanced creative versatility.

* Available on the VIXIA HF R52, VIXIA HF R50, VIXIA HF R500, VIXIA mini X and VIXIA mini camcorders.

Touch Decoration
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Selectable Frame Rates

Native 24p Mode – allows 24 frames per second to be captured and recorded — a big advantage for serious filmmaking work.

24p Cinema Mode* – a combination of two features that can be used independently or together. The first feature offers a video frame rate of 24p, while the second adjusts the color and tonal characteristics to evoke the look and feel of a big-screen movie.

30p Progressive Mode* – once exclusive to pro-level camcorders, this mode delivers clarity to fast-action subjects like news and sports, and is the perfect frame rate for clips intended to be posted on the web.

60p Recording – captures twice the amount of information as 60i, reducing diagonal noise so even fast moving subjects show up crisply with motion and patterns clearly recorded.

30p Mode
30p Progressive Mode is great for fast-action subjects

*Records in 60i.

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Slow Motion & Fast Motion

Select VIXIA camcorders offer you the choice of Slow Motion or Fast Motion effects while recording video. On the VIXIA mini X and VIXIA mini camcorders, Slow Motion recording is available at two speeds, 1/2x or 1/4x, making it easy to show off or teach a dance or sports move. Fast Motion recording is available at 2x or 4x speeds, great for showcasing creative talents like cooking, painting and more. The VIXIA HF G30 also supports Slow and Fast Motion recording with variable speeds available depending upon the recording frame and bit rate.

Slow & Fast Motion
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Photo Grab

Photo Grab is a professional-level feature that lets you "grab" a photo from your HD video footage during playback with one push of a button. Select camcorders also offer a Continuous Photo Grab feature, which extracts 30 sequential photos from one second of video. Photos of action and expressions are now easy to grab, print, post and share.

Photo Grab

Photo Grab — Canon’s Photo Grab feature allows you to "grab" a photo directly from your video footage.

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Mini Advanced Accessory Shoe

A Mini Advanced Accessory Shoe located on the back of the VIXIA HF G30 lets you attach optional Canon accessories to get more from your camcorder. Use external lights, directional and surround microphones, and more, to bring your videos to a whole new level.

Mini Advanced Accessory Shoe
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