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Spot Metering

If you're shooting a scene with high contrast lighting, spot metering allows you to accurately expose your subject. When metering, use the center focus point as your guide to precisely measure the light level of specific areas in your scene. This is an advanced technique suitable for extreme situations, but when used correctly, spot metering can produce dramatic results.
Making it Work

Spot metering can be used with the P, Tv, Av, M, and C camera settings on select Canon EOS camera models. This technique does not function in Basic Zone modes, such as Scene Intelligent Auto, or Portrait Mode. The steps for spot metering may vary by camera model. The following instructions are specific to the EOS 70D camera.

Method 1

  • Press the metering mode selection button, which is located on the top right side of the camera directly behind the main dial.
  • Turn the main dial until the spot metering icon appears on the top LCD panel (the single white dot in brackets)
  • Once spot metering is selected, look through the viewfinder, and shoot

Method 2

  • Press the Quick Control button labeled "Q"
  • On the Quick Control screen, press the metering mode icon, then the spot metering icon
  • Once spot metering is selected, look through the viewfinder, and shoot
Bonus Tip!

    To help ensure every shot has the proper exposure, plan ahead by keeping a small gray card in your camera bag. Gray cards can be found online or at your local camera retailer. Simply place the card on the subject that you want to properly expose, spot meter off of it, press your camera's AE Lock button (with the asterisk icon) to lock the spot reading in place, then remove the card, and take the shot.
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