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Fill Flash

If you find yourself in a situation where the background is so bright, you can't see the subject in the foreground, let Fill Flash do the work. Once the flash is up, your EOS camera does the rest and provides just the right amount of light to properly expose your subject for an evenly-balanced, natural-looking photo.
Making it Work
For EOS cameras with a built-in flash:
  • Depending on your model, pop up or lift the flash
  • Focus and shoot
If you're using an external flash:
  • Simply select the desired automatic exposure mode (P, AV, Tv, etc.), and the camera will adjust your flash output to properly expose your subject
  • Hint: If you're shooting subjects in front of extremely bright backdrops perhaps a couple in front of a radiant sunset try adjusting the flash output by dialing up the "plus" setting
More Information
  • When shooting a scene from a distance, the built-in flash may not be powerful enough to illuminate your subject. In this case, try increasing the ISO speed on the camera for better light sensitivity. You can then increase the shutter speed or decrease the aperture to help maintain proper exposure.
  • To further extend the flash range or for cameras that do not have a built-in flash a Canon Speedlite is a good choice for flash photography.