CANON iMAGE GATEWAY is an online resource offering digital imaging education and photo and video sharing capabilities exclusively for registered owners of qualified Canon camera, printer, and camcorder products. Members can read up on topics related to their products, how-to articles, and more. Free storage is provided for users to upload, edit, and store photos in albums they can share via invitation with friends and family. The Video Podcast Service is also part of the exclusive benefits provided by the site, enabling members to upload videos to be shared and viewed, which can also be used with Apple’s iTunes and downloaded to access on an Apple iPod™ or iPhone™ mobile device.

CANON iMAGE GATEWAY allows you to*:
  • Re-live your memories by creating online photo albums to share with family and friends
  • Quickly and easily, send your movies and video clips using popular podcast software
  • Personalize your camera with great images and sounds
  • Improve your photography skills with 24/7 access to a library of informative photography-related articles on topics such as macro shooting, portrait photography and various shooting techniques
  • Get more out of your Canon printer with inspiring printing projects such as greeting cards, photo albums, and calendars
How can I become a member of CANON iMAGE GATEWAY?
  1. You must register your qualifying product via your Canon Account. You may sign in to you existing Canon Account or create a new one by clicking here.
  2. Complete and submit the product registration form.
  3. A link to CANON iMAGE GATEWAY will display on your Canon Account homepage. Click the link to sign in using your Canon Account User ID and Password and enjoy!

* Features or services may vary depending on the CANON iMAGE GATEWAY qualifying product that is registered.