Video Shooting Tips

Keep it steady. To keep your video steady, turn on the camcorder's image stabilization. Leaning up against a wall or tree will help provide support. For extended shooting, like a dance recital or a soccer game, use a tripod.

Avoid excessive panning and zooming. To avoid getting your viewers "sea-sick," try to minimize the amount of panning and zooming. Using Canon's Smooth Zoom Control (fixed zoom speeds) can give your video a more professional look.

Light. When shooting indoors, the more light available, the better. Using your camcorder's built-in video light, or even turning on some room lighting will help improve the quality of your video.

How low can you go? To capture better video of children and pets, sit on the floor so you are down at their level. Shooting at a low-angle will give your video an interesting perspective.

Don't shoot video...tell a story. Watching video is great when it tells a story. Before you begin shooting have a story in mind -- a beginning, a middle and an end. It will make getting shots more efficient and fun!