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VIXIA mini
VIXIA mini VIXIA mini VIXIA mini
You Shine Brighter Than Ever
Ultra Wide Angle Lens
Go out for a drive and put the camcorder on the dashboard. The unique Canon f/2.8 fisheye lens can capture you and everything around you – even the amazing scenery rolling by – offering a fun and creative perspective for your video and photos.
The VIXIA mini is equipped with a genuine Canon f/2.8 fisheye lens to give your videos a look that conventional camcorders and cameras can't match. The ultra wide-angle lens shoots at approximately 16.8mm with a 160° angle of view for video and approximately 15.4mm and 170° angle of view for still images (35mm equivalent), providing a panoramic outlook that allows the camcorder to capture scenes with you and everything around you. Whether recording in tight spaces or wide-open places, the unique perspective particular to a fisheye lens has you bursting as the center of attention. The look not only highlights your creative expression, but lets you see your talents – and show them to the world – in a whole new way. And a centered 1920 x 1440 image is also available to record videos with a more classic look.
Ultra Wide Angle Lens Canon f/2.8 Fisheye Lens
Small in size, big in sound. A high-quality built-in stereo microphone augments your videos, while Audio Scene Select makes it even easier to record immersive sound in a variety of situations.
The VIXIA mini records superb stereo sound to enhance its exceptional video. The camcorder's slim design incorporates a high-quality, built-in stereo microphone so no matter where you're recording, you'll capture audio that will bring your video to life. Whether your interests lean toward dance and music or cooking and sports, the VIXIA mini's immersive sound will make you feel likeHigh Quality Stereo Sound you're part of the scene. And with Audio Scene Select, there are five audio modes to choose from so you get the audio that best suits your video: Standard, Music, Speech, Forest & Birds, and Noise Suppression. Each mode has pre-determined optimized settings so you don't have to worry about how to get the best audio; the camcorder will do it for you!
High Quality Microphone High Quality Microphone
Perfect for those jam sessions in the garage, or dancing from dusk till dawn. The DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor and High-Sensitivity CMOS sensor create the Canon HS SYSTEM, enabling you to capture outstanding images, even in low light.
The VIXIA mini gives you the power to create images with spectacular depth, detail and emotional resonance. The 12.8 Megapixel High-Sensitivity CMOS sensor works in concert with Canon's DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor to create the renowned Canon HS SYSTEM. With the Canon HS SYSTEM, you'll experience excellent tracking performance even in low light, and achieve gorgeous still image quality with minimal noise and maximum detail in highlight and shadow areas. The Canon HS SYSTEM lets you capture clearer images with reduced noise and blur in a variety of situations for incredible video and photos.
HS SYSTEM images HS SYSTEM image in LCD
Capturing the details is a cinch. Stunning Full HD video and gorgeous, high-resolution photos in renowned Canon quality can easily be yours.
The VIXIA mini captures Full HD video, for smooth detail and superb realism that puts your viewer right in the scene. The still images you'll capture will be just as impressive thanks to 12.0 megapixels of resolution. Video is recorded in convenient MP4 format so it doesn't need to be converted when you play it back on your tablet or smartphone. MP4 format offers the quickest way to upload to blogs and social networking sites, too.
Video Recording (MP4 format)
Mode Bit Rate Image Size Frame Rate
MXP 24 Mbps 1920 x 1080 30P/24P
FXP 17 Mbps 1920 x 1080
LP 4 Mbps 1280 x 720
Live Streaming 1.5 Mbps 640 x 360 30P
High Quality Microphone High Quality Microphone
No matter the situation – even those spontaneous moments – Smart AUTO helps make shooting simple by intelligently selecting the best settings for the scene at hand.
Smart AUTO lets you capture clear, bright, well-focused video while the camcorder takes care of all the details. The system recognizes 23 shooting situations based on numerous factors, then automatically chooses the optimal settings for the situation. The result is video with better quality in more situations, quickly and easily shareable.
Smart Auto image Smart Auto mode chart
∗1 Icons change according to shooting conditions.
  There are times when the icon displayed does not match the actual scene.