CXDI-55C Digital Radiography System

Digital Detectors


The lightweight Canon CXDI-55C Multipurpose Portable Digital Radiography System offers convenient DR imaging in a compact device with large area detection and a detachable cable. The Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator provides optimal light-channeling properties for effective X-ray absorption and high signal-to-noise performance. The advanced LANMIT technology delivers high-quality diagnostic images with minimal X-ray exposure to patients, an ideal feature for pediatric and orthopedic purposes. With a large 14 inch x 17 inch (35 cm x 43 cm) imaging area, the generous size of the CXDI-55C Digital Radiography System accommodates a wide variety of radiographic applications, such as skull, spine, chest, abdomen, and extremity examinations.

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