CXDI-701C Wireless Digital Radiography System

Digital Detectors

CXDI-701C Wireless DR System is shown with optional battery charger.


The Canon CXDI-701C Wireless Digital Radiography System is designed to help healthcare professionals attain a high level of performance, usability, and reliability. By utilizing technology and solutions that help accelerate exams and maintain productive workflow, practitioners can effectively accomplish more while providing quality care. In X-ray Auto Detection mode, this DR system can detect X-rays at exposure and shift to image acquisition mode automatically without the use of a typical generator interface. The CXDI-701C Wireless System builds upon the successful CXDI-70C Wireless DR system with its high-quality image sensors that provide high-resolution images at a low X-ray dose, and incorporates additional customer-focused features, such as enhanced liquid intrusion protection, battery charging while in the detector with a wired option (sold separately), and impact detection. The CXDI 701C Wireless is light and easy to handle, weighing only 7.3 pounds (with battery).