RadPRO D2-50RF Dynamic Digital RF System

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About RadPRO D2-50RF Dynamic Digital RF System

RadPRO D2-50RF


Equipped with the Canon CXDI-50RF Dynamic/Static Digital Radiography System, the RadPRO D2-50RF Dynamic Digital RF System is a Dual-Purpose Digital Imaging Solution that performs both Digital Fluoroscopy and Digital Radiography in addition to flexible portable imaging where a removable digital detector is required for high volume facilities. The protocol driven RadPRO D2-50RF supports the latest in interactive system communication and features auto-positioning for improving the user workflow. Depending on the image capture mode and size, the Canon CXDI-50RF can take up to 30 frames per second (fps) for fluoroscopy imaging and multi-frame radiographic imaging up to 15 fps. Utilizing this dynamic portable detector, fluoroscopy examinations, general radiography procedures and direct radiographic projections become routine with a single cost-effective detector. The RadPRO D2-50RF represents a sound imaging investment in meeting current and new clinical needs, requirements and applications. For more information including quotes, pricing and upgrades, please contact Virtual Imaging, a Canon U.S.A. Company.

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