RadPRO Digital Mobile Upgrade Kits

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RadPRO Digital Mobile Upgrade Kits


  • Canon Digital Radiography Detectors
    The RadPRO Digital Upgrade Kits are compatible with the Canon portable and wireless digital radiography detectors. Each detector provides a consistent low dose to patients and high resolution image that may be previewed within 3-5 seconds for timely diagnosis.
  • Single or Dual Panel Solution
    Single detector and dual panel detector configurations are available with the Canon portable and wireless flat panel detectors.
  • Mobile Digital Radiography
    Have the ability to bring Canon Digital Radiography to patients with limited mobility, in wheelchairs, or who require bedside care, after installing a RadPRO Digital Mobile Upgrade Kit for your existing AMX 4/4+ and Definium radiography system.
  • Digital Solution
    Upgrading your AMX 4/4+ or Definium with the RadPRO Digital Upgrade Kit makes it into a digital radiography solution that covers a diverse range of applications, including the NICU and pediatrics. Canon offers exclusive small size detectors that feature low dose and high resolution digital imaging, require no modification to existing infant incubators, and promote safe patient care with minimal disturbance for critically ill patients or premature infants.

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