PTS 1000


About PTS 1000


Examination bowl
300 mm radius, closed type, ventilated
Tested field range
100 deg (160 with fixation shift for drivers test)
Stimulus size
Goldmann Sizes I-V
Perimetry Technique
Static, Kinetic
Stimulus colors
Green LED 525 nm
Red LED 625 nm
Blue LED 460 nm
White LED
Stimulus intensity
0.03 to 10000 asb
Stimulus speed in kinetic perimetry
2-10 deg/s
Maximum Stimulus intensity
10000 asb
Fixation method
Control of blind spot position or digital detection of pupil position
Patient response time
Adaptive to patient speed or set manually from 0.1 to 9.9s
depends on stimuli type-31.5 asb for white and red stimuli
Background illumination
10 asb for green, 314 asb yellow background for blue stimuli, set automatically
Full (50° in every directions)
Central (30° in horizontal axis and 22° in vertical axis)
Glaucoma (30° with extend up to 50° in nasal direction)
Peripheral (from 30° to 50°)
Macula (up to 10°)
Extended (special field for drivers examination – 50° in nasal direction; 80° in temporal direction)
Fast (up to 30° with scarce points)
Binocular Drivers Test (up to 80° in horizontal axis, up to 50° in vertical axis)
User (up to 50° user defined)
Fast threshold
BSV (Binocular Single Vision)
Spatial Sensitivity
Flicker (Critical Fusion Frequency)
Blue On Yellow (SWAP)
BDT (Binocular Drivers Test)
Reduced field option
Neurological defects option
Result maps
Hill of vision deviation
Age norm deviation
Defects progress analysis
Defect Probability Graph
Pupil Movement Graph
Results comparison
Bebie curve
3D visualization of patients HOV
System Requirements
Intel 1600 MHz
256 MB
Hard Disk
50 MB free space
Graphics Card
800 x 600, 24 bits of color depth (True color), 3D accelerator supporting OpenGL
Operating System
Windows® XP Pro
Windows® Vista Business Edition
Communication Socket
1 x USB 1.1
Electrical and Environmental
Operating Voltage
100-250V 50-60Hz
Operating Environment
Temperature: 10°C to 40°C
Humidity: 60% RH to 80% RH
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions (H x W x D)
27.3 inches x 23 inches x 17.4 inches
(693 mm x 585 mm x 444 mm)
41.8 pounds