RK-F2 Full Auto Ref-Keratometer


About RK-F2 Full Auto Ref-Keratometer

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RK-F2 Full Auto Ref-Keratometer


  Type Full Auto Ref-Keratometer
  Alignment Mode Full Auto/Auto/Manual
  Auto Function Auto Shoot
  Fixation Target Internal fixation/ Automatic fogging system
  Corneal Pupil Diameter 2 to 16 mm
  Retro-Illumination 2 images may be stored in memory
  Data Memory Maximum 10 measurements of REF and KER for each eye
  Interface RS-232C, USB Host, LAN
  Display Tilting 5.7 inch VGA color TFT LCD screen
  Operation Range Front/Back: 40 mm
Left/Right: 90 mm
Up/Down: 30 mm
  Built-In Printer Thermal line printer with easy loading and auto cutter
  Chin Rest Up/Down: 60 mm (Electrical)
  Joystick Single-Axis (Electrical)
  Sphere (SPH) -30 to +22 D (when Vertex distance of 12 mm)
  Cylinder (CYL) 0 to ±10D (Increments: 0.12D and 0.25D)
  Axis (AX) 1° to 180°
(Increments: 1 mm)
  Pupil Distance (PD) 30 to 88 mm
  Minimum Pupil Size 2 mm
  Radius of Curvature 5 to 10 mm (Increments: 0.01 mm)
  Corneal Power 33.75 to 67.5D (When cornea equivalent refractive index is 1.3375)
  Corneal  Astigmatism 0 to -15D
  Axis 1° to 180° (Increments: 1 mm)
  Corneal Periphery Measurement area: 30° (When radius of curvature is 8 mm)
  Corneal Diameter 2 to 14 mm
Electrical and Environmental
  Power Saving System Available
  Power Supply 100-240V 50/60Hz
  Power Consumption 80VA
Physical Characteristics
  Dimensions (W x L x H) Approximately 10.2 x 19.3 x 18.5 inches
(260 x 490 x 470 mm)
  Weight Approximately 33 pounds (15 kg)
Specifications are subject to change without notice.