For customers seeking additional manufacturing capacity, Canon Throughput Enhancement Packages increase wafer-per-hour output and reduce cost-of-ownership. In some cases, Canon Throughput Enhancement Packages may even allow customers to delay or avoid purchasing additional systems.

One Throughput Enhancement that can be applied to nearly all installed tools is System Parameter Optimization (SPO). SPO involves the upgrading of system control functions, and the optimization of system and process parameters to significantly reduce wafer processing times.

As with most Applications Services, the SPO process begins with an Assessment Phase. When requested, Canon Engineers perform an onsite audit of key system and job parameters on your systems. The audit data is used to simulate the throughput increase that will be gained by applying the SPO package. Based on these findings, Canon is able to confidently negotiate guaranteed performance specifications based on the unique population of tools at every site. By offering a complete and accurate description of expected package results and costs, our customers are able to justify these investments that are aimed at improving operational efficiency.

A recent example of System Parameter Optimization involved at a mass production DRAM facility where SPO was implemented in a two step process.

Initially, only a portion of the key parameters were optimized and throughput increased nearly 15%. Over the next several weeks, critical process metrics were monitored to insure that system performance remained within specifications at the higher throughput.

Confident that the actual results matched the SPO simulation, a second round of parameter optimization took place and the total throughput improvement ballooned to over 23%. As expected, process stability again remained within specifications.

What does a 23+% increase in throughput mean? If you have 4 steppers in your fab, applying SPO to all of your systems can provide you with capacity nearly equaling that of an additional system. Effectively, a 5th stepper can be added with a capital expense of $0.

The ability to add additional manufacturing capacity with minimal investment is one of the benefits that comes from applying Canon Throughput Enhancement Packages to your system.

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