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Why didn't my review get published?
Any review found to be in violation of our Review Guidelines and/or Terms of Use will not be posted. To help ensure your review is published, write an honest product review that may help another customer who is considering making a purchase decision.

Will my review be edited for length, content, or grammar?
No, Canon will not edit any review that is submitted.

If I ask a question, will Canon respond?
No. The intention of product reviews is to provide others with assistance in making a purchase decision based on user experience. Please do not include questions to Canon, or comments containing service or support issues.

How long until my review gets posted?
We strive to post reviews within 72 hours of submission. If you have posted a review, please check back soon to see your review. You may also choose to be notified via email when your review is posted.

Why must the review originate, and the product
being reviewed be available for purchase, in the U.S.A.?
Canon markets products all around the world and product availability may vary from country to country. Accordingly, to reduce confusion and to make the Ratings & Reviews feature as beneficial as possible to Canon U.S.A.'s current and potential customers, we have established this geographic limitation.

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