Black & White Copiers



      Hardware Accessories
      Cassette Feeding Unit-AF1
       Paper Deck Unit-B2
       Envelope Feeder Attachment-D1
       Inner 2Way Tray-H1
       Inner Finisher-D1
       Staple Finisher-G1
       Booklet Finisher-G1
       Inner 2/3 Hole Puncher-A1
       External 2/3 Hole Puncher-B2
       Cabinet Type-G
       Platen Cover Type-R
       Inner Finisher Additional Tray-A1
       Inner Finisher-D1 with 2/3 Hole Puncher-A1
      Utility Tray-A2
      USB Key Board
      Copy Card Reader-F1
      Copy Card Reader Attachment-B2
      Convenience Stapler-B1
      Braille Label Kit-F1
      ADF Access Handle-A1
      System Connectivity Accessories
       PCL Printer Kit-AY1
       PS Printer Kit-AY1
       Direct Print Kit (for PDF/XPS)-H1
       Encrypted Secure Print Software-D1
       Barcode Printing Kit-D1
       Web Access Software-H1
       Universal Send Advanced Trace & Smooth PDF Kit-A1
       Universal Send Security Feature Set-D1
       Universal Send Digital User Signature Kit-C1
       Super G3 FAX Board-AP1
       Super G3 2nd Line Fax Board-AP1
       Super G3 3rd/4th Line Fax Board-AL1
       IP Fax Expansion Kit-A1
       Remote Fax Kit-A1
       Secure Watermark-B1
       Document Scan Lock Kit-B1
       HDD Data Encryption& Mirroring Kit –C4
       Removable HDD Kit-AJ1
       iR-ADV Security Kit-K1 for IEEE 2600.1 Common Criteria Certification (Pending)
       USB Device Port-E3
       Multimedia Reader/Writer-A2
       Voice Guidance Kit-F2
       Voice Operation Kit-C2
       Remote Operator's Software Kit-B1
       Silex Wireless Bridge SX-2500CG

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      Note: For additional details and descriptions for each accessory, please access the product configurator.