imagePASS Servers


  • Productivity: With System 8e, the imagePASS-S2 is a robust utilization of Fiery smart RIP technology, productivity tools and logical workflows that drive increased performance for all users. The SmartRIP 2 tool dramatically speeds printing of Microsoft Office and Adobe applications by providing an intelligent path through the image and graphic rich files that typically slow non-Fiery devices And the RIPand-Print utility drives up to 30% more pages (per time period) through printers in demanding environments.
  • Flexibility:Standard on the imagePASS-S2, NetWiseTM, features an innovative design that virtually guarantees easy connectivity and ensures seamless integration in any network environment including "peer-to-peer" (SNB) support for Windows® workstation printing. And, with intuitive WebToolsTM and network visibility through WebJet Admin, network administrators, lead operators and casual users all have access to easy job and device management tools. ImagePASS-S2 provides a flexible solution for all corporate intranets, WAN's and workgroups.
  • Security: The ImagePASS-S2 controller incorporates strong security utilities ranging from limiting who has access to the controller to securing the data itself. Administrators have the ability to set general authentications, disable network ports and services, set IP filtering and implement supporting antivirus software. With features like Secure Erase, administrators and users are able to enhance security by erasing data stored on the controller's hard drive, employing an overwriting protection scheme to erase all traces of deleted information for optimal security in any setting.