imageFORMULA CR-135i High-Volume Check Transport

Check Scanners

About imageFORMULA CR-135i High-Volume Check Transport


  • Dynamic Performance:
    Scans Up to 135 Checks Per Minute: Capable of maintaining impressive scanning speeds with processing features enabled:
    • One-Line CIS CMOS sensor with three-line parallel data transfer
    • Two independent motor drive units capable of handling up to three items simultaneously in the paper-path
    M-Shaped Paper Path: Makes it possible for the CR-135i check transport to achieve
    • Dynamic Endorsement: Real-time dynamic four-line endorsement
    • Dynamic Sorting: Eject pocket sorting based on current item MICR data
    High Volume Check Scanning: Advanced features enable high-volume check processing
    • 250-item ADF with drop-in ability
    • 200-item eject pockets (two)
    • 50-item eject pocket (one)
    • Eject pocket "waterfalling"
    • 20,000 item Suggested Daily Volume
  • Exceptional Reliability:
    Versatile Scanning: The CR-135i can handle large numbers of checks and other related small documents Dependable Document Handling: The CR-135i delivers exceptional document handling with:
    • Corrugated Retard Rollers
    • Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection: To accurately monitor double feeds
    Magnetic / Optical Character Recognition: Canon achieves precise MICR data with:
    • Optimized MICR algorithm
    • MICR data complemented with OCR processing - Utilizes a MICR reader as well as OCR
  • Impressive Image Quality:
    High-Precision Optical Technology: The CR-135i delivers impressive image quality through:
    • One-line CMOS CIS sensor - with three-line parallel data transfer
    • Fine Text Filtering: Binarization that removes patterned backgrounds and enhances edges around text for sharper images and improved OCR accuracy
    • 1200 dpi optical resolution - For fine print and small details
    • Up to 300 dpi output resolution - Valuable check information can be precisely reproduced
  • Efficient Design:
    Countertop Convenience: The CR-135i check transport's compact, robust and easy access design allows this device to fit into busy environments
    Easy Maintenance: Simple and risk-free operator performed maintenance thanks to:
    • Clam-shell paper-path access
    • Enclosed mechanics
    "Function Button:" Programmable control panel button for third party application functions by software developers
  • Environment in Mind:
    • RoHS and WEEE: Complies with the European directives
    • Part of Canon's Generation Green program
  • Customer Care:
    • eCarePAKs available