Document Distribution and Management


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    Place information into the Therefore system either by using a document scanner, by directly uploading existing, electronic documents, or by using the Therefore MFP Application. Documents can then be classified, indexed, and archived using the Therefore Capture Client or the Therefore Content Connector.

    The Therefore Navigator enables users to easily find information, either by performing a full text search similar to popular search engines, or by using specific index data associated with the document that is being sought.

    The Therefore Viewer is used to view, edit, and check in/out documents. Documents can be opened and edited in their familiar, native applications, making it easy for users to make revisions.

    Therefore Workflow
    enables the design and optimization of document or information business processes - automating how information is routed throughout an organization. Each employee knows what task they need to complete, the date it's due, and who's next in the process. Managers can monitor the progression of the workflow process and administrators can view the entire system to identify potential bottlenecks.

    Therefore offers three methods of accessing your information remotely, helping to extend productivity when away from the office.

    Therefore Web Access enables remote access of the Therefore system via the most popular web browsers.

    The Therefore Mobile App (for iPhone® or iPad® mobile online devices, and Android devices) enables users to search and view documents, and participate in workflows, all from their mobile device.

    Therefore Anywhere allows users to take documents offline, and edit them when away from their network. Once reconnected, all changes are automatically synchronized to the system.


    Therefore integrates with many different applications, programs, and solutions, including Windows® Explorer, Microsoft® Office, Microsoft® SharePoint, and many third-party scanning solutions, such as Kofax Capture®, eCopy ShareScan®, eCopy PDF Pro Office, and uniFLOW. It also integrates with Windows desktop through Therefore Gadget, which can be used to monitor activity within the system, such as updates, workflows, and tasks.

    Therefore securely stores documents and offers complete control over document access. Permission settings are easily configurable and highly customizable, ensuring that only authorized persons are given access to view and/or modify specific documents. Additional security features include audit trails, version control, digital signatures, and retention policy compliance.